Try to understate social media’s role in online retail. Go ahead. I’ll wait.

See, you can’t do it.

The truth is, social media plays a massive role in consumer behavior online, and it’s changing the way people shop. Over 19 billion in sales occurred last year through social media.

So, what’s this mean for you, oh, intrepid Shopify merchant? It means you want to start leveraging the power of social media to sell your products. Enter Facebook and Instagram Shops, now on Shopify.

What are Facebook and Instagram Shops?

If you aren’t already aware, Facebook and Instagram Shops, or Shops for short, is a program that…

Okay, we’ve all got that weirdo relative we only engage with on the holidays when we’re practically forced to do it. Do you treat your customers like that, only touching base with them every once in a while? Say it ain’t so. You’ve got to run eCommerce marketing campaigns consistently.

The average marketing campaign lasts about 45 days. While short-duration campaigns have their place, longer campaigns can drive massive business growth for your Shopify store.

Let’s dive into the top reasons to run a yearly marketing campaign for an eCommerce website and how to use year-round marketing campaigns to grow…

It’s a great day!

The sun is shining. The birds are singing. Your coffee tastes fantastic as you take a sip and sit down, pop open your laptop, log into your Shopify admin page, and take a gander at your orders.

Record scratch.

What’s up with all these abandoned carts?!

On the average eCommerce site, 77% of shoppers leave without completing their purchases.

Bummer, right?

But the good news is, there are a lot of things you can do to increase order completion and your conversion rates. …

People are complex bundles of emotions. But that’s not a bad thing, especially when it comes to getting feedback from customers.

Follow the Science, as they say. A study published through Harvard Business Review found that the very act of asking for customer feedback was enough to keep people from churning and coming back for more.

And that’s even if they don’t respond to the request for feedback.

So that’s good news if you’re looking to build recurring revenue and a base of loyal, repeat customers for your Shopify store.

But how can this be?! It’s got to do with…

Recent statistics show that, on average, 69.57% of carts get abandoned on E-commerce websites.

There can be several reasons why potential customers decide not to complete their online orders and go through with their purchases. Even if you design a good website with stunning product images and a stellar UX, your ideal visitors might not make it to the end line.

I am here to shed light on some of the most common reasons why customers abandon shopping carts and how you can fix this problem.

Lengthy Checkout Process

Online buyers look for simplicity and convenience. Unnecessarily long and complicated…

Experts predict that 95% of all purchases will be made through e-commerce platforms by the year 2040. But despite the convenience they offer customers, 80% of all e-commerce businesses fail.

So what are they doing wrong that the few successful ones aren’t?

I’ve rounded up some of the common reasons why most e-commerce businesses struggle to find buyers and keep afloat.

There Isn’t Any Real Investment

You can set up an online store with a few hundred dollars, but that doesn’t mean that’s all the investment your business is going to need. …

There is no denying that an increase in conversion rate leads to higher revenue and profits for your e-commerce store, but getting there takes time and patience.

You’ll also need to build a comprehensive strategy that includes excellence in design, user experience, and selling strategies.

I bring you some of the leading, tried-and-tested approaches to enhancing your conversion rates. But first, let’s explore the basics.

What Do I Mean When I Talk About The Conversion Rate Of A Shopify Store?

The conversion rate of a Shopify store is the number of purchases divided by the number of visitors in all the sessions. To convert the value into a percentage, multiply the resulting number by 100.


Social Media has become the leading platform for running successful advertisement campaigns that result in revenue generation and conversions for many different businesses.

Most people starting with social media advertising, will not be familiar with the incredibly complex landscape that has emerged in this competitive market.

This results in unsuccessful campaigns that are not correctly targeted to begin with.

Using the right audience, keywords, and metrics are essential for the success of social media advertising campaigns of any scale, and newcomers are sometimes left in the dark about what they can achieve with the right tools. …

Tweaking your sales funnel to achieve maximum engagement and benefits can be done by bringing your products to the limelight at various stages of the sales process.

A strategy to make higher sales and return customers that involves showcasing multiple additional options to your customers at the time of checkout or product selection is a commonly used tactic.

This strategy is known as upselling your customers and can be utilized at various sales funnel stages.

Shopify offers several plugins and apps that are designed for this specific purpose.

From highlighting certain products on your store or providing options for…

Maintaining a curated email list of your existing and potential customers is a great way to build exposure and awareness for your brand while engaging in one of the most effective forms of digital marketing through email.

But, in order to get started with an email newsletter, you first need to build a comprehensive, inclusive email list. Here are a few tips on how to effectively and quickly build your email list while reaping a lot more benefits as well.

Read on to find out how you can grow your eCommerce store’s email marketing list with a few simple…

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